I survived and finished #Nanowrimo2017

I successful completed the National Novel Writing Month challenge for 2017.  Already I look forward to next year. It was a great experience.

So far what I have is a 50,177 word first draft that is not finished, not pretty and not like anything else I’ve written.  Of course, it has the lesbian element.  I can’t see writing a book that does not. There’s a little relationship thing, romantic that is.  There’s an element of mystery as well, and as always here lies sarcasm.  Here’s an except from it as it stands now:

The facts as I know them are pretty simple. I went on a boat with five of my closest friends. At some point there was a storm. The boat sank or maybe capsized. I really do not know which. Three of us were found on the island, sunburned and dehydrated. Two of us were found in the water, in much worse conditions. One of us was never found.

My name is Claire Susan Evans and I am a survivor. I just wish I knew what exactly I had survived.

Thanks everyone.  Have a good one.

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