Two down, 28 to go

I made my goal for Goodreads at 30 books. So far I’ve read two.  One was by Chuck Wendig called Damn Fine Story and the other was Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan.

Wendig’s book is for storytellers. It’s full of his humor and thoughts. The man is quite entertaining as a writer, blogger and personality on Twitter. I enjoyed it. I actually laughed out loud at parts and definitely found enough instruction and advice in there to bring into my own writing.

The Egan book on the other hand was well crafted, well researched but distant. I never got a feel for the characters. Like most literary works, books that don’t fall into easy categories like sci-fi, self help, humor, romance, etc, I found it a bit cold. I never really found an in to the characters. There was nothing about them that made them seem anything other than distant. It was a good book, but for me that detail, the lack of caring about the characters kept it from being amazing. No dig on Ms. Egan. She is a very gifted writer and I will certainly keep an eye out for her other works.

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