One book down (49 to go)

I just finished ‘Will in the World’ by Stephen Greenblatt, which examines the works of Shakespeare and attempts with the very sparse historical record of the Bard, to extrapolate a biography.

I have to say I learned some things. Of course many ideas in the book were suppositions. We just don’t know enough about the man from Stratford to fully even attribute the works of Shakespeare to him without controversy.

The book is fascinating though. I really enjoyed it. If you’re looking to know more about not just Shakespeare but the time and political climate he lived in, this is a must read. It was very well researched and the author was always careful to present his suppositions as separate from the facts. This book has also made me realize I know next to nothing about Marlow, being most American lit classes focus on Shakespeare. I’ll be looking for a good bio of Marlow soon. Maybe it’ll be one of the 50.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Stay safe.

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