Day Six

They say a good strategy for Nanowrimo is banking words in the word count to get through days where it might be more difficult to write.  So far I’m almost a day ahead on the total word count.  I have passed the 10k mark and I’m almost at 11k.  It feels good.

With Divide by X, this most recent project, I’ve done several things differently.  I have a notebook full of research, character descriptions and random conversations.  I also have a full plotted spreadsheet thing, though I did not use excel I used paper, a ruler and a pencil.  So far it’s working.  I’ve been doing something I did not know I was capable of doing:  writing linearly.  I started at Chapter One and I’m currently wrapping up Chapter Five.  It’s pretty amazing.

Day Two

There’s ten minutes left in Day Two of Nanowrimo and I’ve got 4288 words done so far.  This planning a story out thing seems to be paying off so far.  Of course, I do reserve the right to cuss it out in a few days when the initial rush of the new story wears off.

It’s time

I watched all of the new season of Stranger Things over two days.  It was amazing and a good way to let my new project percolate in the back of my mind.  Since it’s now officially the 1st of November, I can finally start writing my Nanowrimo project.

I’m excited about this project.  It’s going to be different than anything I’ve written before.  I’ve outlined it, plotted it and carried around a notebook devoted to research for it.  Usually I just fly by the seat of my pants.  That’s probably why I’ve either tried to do too much in a story or lost the stopping point.

But, the way forward is to mature and practice.  I have to keep writing and grow as a writer to make better stories.  That’s my goal with this book.  I want it to be challenging and rewarding.  I don’t want to stay at the same level.  Hopefully, committing to something as intense as National Novel Writing Month will do that.

Anyway, the tentative title is Divide by X.  No, it’s not math related.  More to come on it soon.  I’ve got 1,667 words to type today.  Ciao.

November Approaches

NaNoWriMo starts in just a few days now. Halloween is Tuesday. The new Star Wars movie is next month. This year is flying fast.

It’s been a entertaining ride, but it’s not over yet. I have a few things to do before the end of the year and getting a few short stories out and submitting another novel. That doesn’t include all the personal stuff like birthdays and Christmas. 


I’m doing my first NaNoWriMo next month, so I’ve pretty much been dabbling here and there on works in progress and doing a lot of research for the November project. I’ve even started an individual notebook just for that book. 

Another thing I’ve been doing is rereading and makings notes on this massive fantasy story I wrote several years ago. It’s large, unwieldy and pretentious in parts. Still, I like it…at least I like the bones of it. So I’m making notes and plans on revising it. It’s almost two books already so I’ll definitely take it in that direction. Maybe sometime next year I’ll be done with the first part of it. 

A nice rejection

Late last year I started writing a mystery.  It was quite a change for me.  Usually I write mostly romances of the lesbian variety.  This time however, I focused more on the who did what and less on the who was doing whom aspect of the story.  I had it proof read by two friends and sent it off, my high hopes with it, and summarily got rejected for publication.  I took it in stride and tried again.  I just got the rejection letter today.  The first one was pretty vague.  The second was actually nice and it made me think of revising the book (again) and include more personal interactions.

I also finished a romance recently.  I’m having it proofed by two different friends and I will submit it for publication soon.